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Thanks to extensive facility improvements, Port Liberty New York is ready to welcome big ships with speed and efficiency, having deepened our berth to 50 feet (15.2 meters). Terminal operations are supported by a 3,012-foot (918.1-meter) contiguous berth, post-Panamax cranes, and an expanded on-dock rail transfer service. The terminal has the quickest truck turn times in the New York and New Jersey harbor and now we can extend this incredibly efficient service to even more vessels than before.

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Gate Hours:

Container Operation:

Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 16:00 ET

Double moves: until 15:30 ET
Single moves: until 16:00 ET
Reefer receiving to delivery: until 16:00 ET
Haz Mat cargo receiving: until 15:00 ET
Out of Gauge………………..3:00 pm

Out of Gauge cargo by appointment only on Monday or Wednesday. Please make sure you have paid before arriving. Email request or price quotes send to

Port Liberty New York at a glance:


acre facility








truck gates

truck icon

exam station

truck icon

AQI + Reefer

A Streamlined Process

With 24 truck gates and 13 scales, operations at Port Liberty New York run seamlessly with the goal of getting our customers and their cargo in and out as fast as possible. The terminal has several unique services and procedures including in-house trucking services, paperless gate operations, and, when necessary, longer gate hours.

Road and rail connections


Moving right along.

All exit and entrance roads to the terminal are designed to keep traffic flowing smoothly in and out of the terminal. Dedicated transfer zones, pre-positioned cargo, and the elimination of cross-traffic intersections are just a few of the unique features that keep your cargo moving right along.

Port Liberty New York has easy access to I-278, Route 440, I-95, 1-78, and Routes 1 and 9. It is just minutes away from the bridges that connect it to the tri-state area and the Northeast.

Warehousing Facilities

Worry-free storage solutions.

When it comes to storing your cargo, Port Liberty New York is the only terminal in the harbor that maintains its own general and temperature-controlled warehousing facilities. Our secure, on-site warehouses provide customers with a low-cost storage solution, reducing the number of moves a container needs to make.

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Warehouse specifics:


Sq. Ft. of storage




rooms with
climate control


receiving doors


Yards from
vessel berth

On-site maintenance services


A quick fix for equipment problems.

No matter how well designed a piece of equipment is, it will, on occasion, require some maintenance work—and when you are on a very tight schedule. Thanks to our on-site maintenance facilities, we can perform fast, reliable repairs for all kinds of equipment including cranes, containers, and vehicles. So even a major breakdown will not cause a major delay.

Maintenance capabilities:



mechanics icon

in-house mechanics

truck icon

onsite chassis pools

truck icon

One mobile
repair truck

Containerized waste

vessel schedule

Environmentally-friendly waste disposal.

In 2015, Port Liberty New York began servicing containerized municipal solid waste. Two special electric barge cranes, two new working rail tracks, and other supporting container handling equipment were added to service this account.

Municipal solid waste from New York City marine transfer stations are offloaded from barges and loaded on railcars where it is transported to waste-to-energy facilities in Niagara Falls, NY or Covanta Delaware Valley.

Centralized Examination Station


A comprehensive on-site examination facility.

The Port Liberty New York Centralized Examination Station (CES) is located directly on the terminal. The facility is equipped to complete all Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) activities in a seamless, reliable, and efficient manner, including:

  • CBP Non-Intrusive Inspections
  • Tailgate and Intensive Examinations for A/TCET
  • Trade and Agriculture Examinations

Contact CES
Port Liberty New York Centralized Examination Station
241 Western Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10303
Customer Service: +1 (646) 461 4515

CES Portal

U.S Customs and Border
Protection/Agriculture Office
1210 Corbin St.
Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Phone: (201) 443-0270
Fax: (201) 443-0584

Port Liberty New York
AQI Fax: (718) 568-1839