Demurrage Waiver/Mitigation – Refund Processes

Port Liberty Terminals Instructions for customers to request mitigation, waiver and/ or refund for payments.

Directions on How to:

I. Request Mitigation or waiver for a fee that is currently outstanding or that has recently been submitted.

  1. Send email to below address with explanation on why mitigation is being requested.
    For demurrage mitigation/ waiver requests, please include as much information as possible about the shipment, but at a minimum the name of the terminal the unit is/was at and the container number associated with the shipment.
    1. Why was container not picked up within free time?
    2. Include copy of ocean bill of lading
    3. Include certified copy of commercial invoices of the cargo
    4. email address:

II. Request Refund for payment already remitted.

  1. The process for refund request is dependent on how the payment was originally remitted:
    PLT's websites provide instructions how to submit a refund request for either PayCargo, Advent Fee Pay or wire payment
  2. Request Refund for PayCargo Payments
  3. Advent eModal Refund Request Instructions
  4. Port Liberty Refund Request form (for non-PayCargo/eModal payments)

III. Please submit your requests for mitigation, waiver or refund within 30 days of the date the activity occurred, the date of the invoice or the date the service was provided.