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Welcome to Port Liberty New York

Port Liberty New York is a full-service container and cargo handling facility strategically located on Staten Island near the Goethals Bridge. Situated on 187 acres (76 hectares) of upland area, the terminal is readily accessible to major truck routes, fitted with on-dock rail service, and has one of the highest volume cargo capacities in the New York Harbor.

Port Liberty New York has been honored with the "Best Terminal" award by the Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers seven times in the last decade.

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Location is everything


Staten Island, New York.

Strategically located near the Goethals Bridge on Staten Island, Port Liberty New York provides easy access to four major interstate highways and is a gateway to the world’s largest and most affluent consumer and business markets. The terminal offers complete Container Freight Station (CFS) services, including US Customs and Agriculture Quarantine Inspection (AQI).

For operational details including hours, schedules, regulations, and forms, please visit:

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Preparing for your pickup or delivery

Avoid delays at the terminal by following the guidelines below as well as all rules, regulations, and procedures.

Download the Trucker’s Resource Guidebook.
Check updates to the Council on Port Performance.


Verify container availability before dispatching a driver to the port.


Ensure all charges have been paid and releases are in place.


Confirm export receiving cut-off times.


Confirm locations and restrictions for empty container returns.


Don’t wait until the last free day to pick up containers.


Early mornings are the busiest time at the gates. Consider adjusting your schedule to avoid waiting.


Get real-time updates on traffic, accidents, closures, weather, and construction via the 511 system.