Toll Reimbursement Program FAQ


WARNING: This Port Liberty New York system is provided for processing of E-ZPass transaction data to be provided by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) for the benefit of truckers that utilize the Port Liberty marine terminal at Howland Hook. Unauthorized access or use of this system may subject violators to criminal, civil and/or administrative action. Access or use of this system by any person whether authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to these terms.

Who is qualified for the Toll Reimbursement Program?

Anyone who holds a commercial E-ZPass® account with the selected E-ZPass® Agency and does business with Port Liberty is qualified to participate in the Port Liberty Toll Reimbursement Program. You could be either a trucking company or an independent owner operator/driver and if your tags are used on commercial vehicle Class 2 thru 6 for crossing Bayonne Bridge, Goethals Bridge or Outerbridge. Your vehicle must be registered with Reference No. (IAG) 521, 523, 525, 527, 529, 531, 533, 535, 537, 539, 541, 543, 719, 723, 727, 731, 783, 787, 791, or 795.

How do I request a Toll Reimbursement Account?

To maintain a high level of accuracy, our Tolls System requires validation of your email address, E-ZPass® Account Number and its tag number(s). Here are the steps:

  • Sign up for an account
  • • Type your email address, name and company name(if applicable)
  • • Download your current monthly E-ZPass® “Transaction View” statement in PDF format (Note: WE DO NOT ACCEPT A SCANNED
    PDF FILE.)
  • • Click the “Account Setup” link on the email that our system sends to you to start your enrollment
  • • Make sure you read the terms and conditions of our Toll Reimbursement Program Agreement as well as the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Consent Letter in their entirety
  • • Fill in your bank information from which you want to receive your reimbursements
  • • Upload your E-ZPass® statement PDF
  • • Follow the directions provided by DocuSign to embed your e-signature and complete the required information on the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey “Letter of Authorization to Release” your tag information to Port Liberty New York
  • • Save and print a copy of the final document that DocuSign will send via email
  • • Once approved, login your Account and open Account Profile page and print a list of your registered tags by clicking the View All Tags button.
  • • Make sure your E-ZPass® Account Number and all your tag numbers are correct in our Tolls System

When should I submit an Application?

You should register in the Port Liberty Toll Reimbursement Program as soon as you open your E-ZPass® Account with any E-ZPass® Agency and do business with Port Liberty New York.

Where can I sign up for the Toll Reimbursement Program?

Please click here to sign up for the program.

Once my account has been approved, when will I receive my toll reimbursements?

You should receive our toll reimbursements in your ACH Bank Account within 5 business days after the date your application was accepted by Port Liberty. For example, if you received our acceptance email on August 1, any tolls from qualified crossings on and after August 2 will be eligible for reimbursements. You should receive the first remittance on August 9. However, if you miss that remittance cycle or we do not receive the PANY&NJ reconciliation of your toll transactions right away, you will receive reimbursement in the next cycle.

What should I do if my E-ZPass® tag number(s) has been changed?

You must update your Account Profile as soon as you have new tags or lost/surrendered tags. To make the change, please login your account and go to Account Profile where you can select Add Tag or click Add Tag here. To add new tag numbers, you must first download a PDF of your E-ZPass® “transaction view” summary. Make sure this summary includes all your new tag numbers. Upon completion of our validation, we will send you an email notification of all the newly added tag number(s). Please go back to View All Tags in your Account Profile and check the new tag number(s) again. Any delay or omission in updating your new tag numbers will result in the loss of toll reimbursements corresponding to those tag numbers.

One of my E-ZPass® tags was stolen. What should I do?

You should first report the stolen tag to your E-ZPass® office. You should also log into your account and open Account Profile to delete your stolen tag ASAP. You should do the same for any tags which you have surrendered to your E-ZPass® office. Our toll reimbursement to your stolen tag is still remitted to your registered ACH Bank Account, not the thief’s bank account. However, you will still suffer a loss because you will have to pay the base rate at $6.00 per axle against this stolen tag. If the thief’s bridge crossings are not qualified for our reimbursements, you will then pay the full toll amount.

What should I do if my ACH Bank Account number has been changed?

Please login your account and open Account Profile. Click Edit next to Bank Information to update your bank account number. Any change in your bank account number will require re-validation. You will not lose your toll reimbursements during our re-validation period. However, your account will be locked until we revalidate your new bank account. Any delay or omission in updating your bank information may result in the loss of your toll reimbursements.

What should I do if I have opened a new E-ZPass® Account?

Please click here to create a new account. Upon acceptance, your toll reimbursements to the new tag numbers will be reflected on your newly created second account. However, you may use the same ACH bank account information for both accounts.

What should I do if I have closed my previously registered E-ZPass® Account?

Please log into your account and delete your current Toll Reimbursement Account. Don’t forget to enter the termination date of your deleting account.

What should I do if my email address has changed?

Please log into your account and open Account Profile. Click Edit to change your email address. Note that changing your principle email address will require revalidation. Your new principle email address won’t be updated until we have revalidated it. We will send an email to the new email address with a link to complete the validation process. An email will also be sent to your old email address to notify that recipient of the change request. If the owner of the old email address protests, your old email address will remain as-is. During the revalidation period, your account will be temporarily locked. However, this will not affect the eligibility of your toll reimbursements.

Where can I download my E-ZPass® “Transaction View” statement?

Please go to the website of the E-ZPass® agency where your account was established. Then log into your account and download the statement you need.

What if I did not receive my reimbursement or it was less than expected?

Please wait until 30 days after the date of your qualified crossing before you submit a Non-Payment of Toll Reimbursement Claim. Discrepency of Toll Reimbursement Claims may be submitted as soon as you become aware of an issue. Claims submitted more than ninety (90) days after the date of your related qualified crossing will not be processed.

How can I edit my unsettled claim?

You are not allowed to edit your submitted claim. However, you can delete your erroneous claim and resubmit a new claim with the correct information and attachment.

Do I qualify for the toll reimbursement for a crossing with an oversize load?

Over-dimensional trucks, or “Specials,” that require special accommodations by the Port Authority due to size, weight or other issues are not reimbursable under this program unless your load is small enough to pass thru the toll booth safely. The reimbursable amount is calculated according to the number of your vehicle axles, up to 6 axles. It does not include the special toll amount and possible escort fees. The driver will be instructed to scan his/her E-ZPass® tag at the Kapsch Patch Antenna in the terminal.

What should I do with my personal E-ZPass® tag if my company gives me one for Port Liberty New York?

You must store your personal tag in the silver read prevention bag. Affix your company’s tag on your truck’s windshield before you cross the toll bridges and make sure your company’s tag is still affixed on your windshield before you enter the Port Liberty New York Security Gate. If you don’t, the E-ZPass® reader will read both tag numbers. This could lead to multiple toll charge by your E-ZPass® agency. You will not be reimbursed by our Toll System because of multiple reads.

Will I be reimbursed if my truck visit was voided at Port Liberty New York?

You will still qualify for toll reimbursements as long as the void-out is not caused by fault of omission of yourself or your driver.

How much will I be reimbursed for my bridge crossing?

Our Toll Reimbursement Program reimburses you for the toll difference between $6.00 + CPI-U per axle and the paid toll per axle up to 6 axles. CPI-U stands for Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor. This program is not intended to reimburse you the full amount of your bridge toll.

What is and ACH Bank Account?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House, which is an electronic network for financial transactions. Our toll reimbursements are deposited directly into your bank account. In order for you to receive our direct-deposits, your bank must be a part of the ACH System.

How often wwill I get my toll reimbursements?

You should receive toll reimbursements on a weekly basis. However, the remittance may not include tolls incurred in the previous week’s bridge crossings. Those would be paid the following week.

How do I know which of my bridge crossings had been reimbursed?

Please log into your account and open Gate Activities Overview to see the status of your Toll Reimbursements. However, you should use our Bank Deposit Advice Notification to reconcile your E-Zpass® Statement.

What is the maximum number of axles I would be reimbursed for?

Port Liberty New York will reimburse tolls for up to 6 axles per qualified crossing for commercial vehicles categorized as Class 2 through 6.

Will I be reimbursed for a crossing if my E-ZPass® Account is registered for a Vehicle Class 1?

No. E-ZPass® Vehicle Class 1 is for personal vehicles only. Our Toll Program is for commercial E-ZPass® accounts with tags registered as a commercial vehicle Class 2 thru 6. For example, tags registered for vehicle of IAG Class 72, 200 and 522 are not eligible for reimbursements.

I received the PANY&NJ Truck Volume Discount. Will I still receive Toll Reimbursements from Port Liberty?

Yes, you will also receive our toll reimbursements provided you have met all the terms and conditions of our Toll Reimbursement Program Agreement.

What is an e-signature?

The e-signature is an image of your computer-generated signature which can be inserted into the web form. We employ to execute e-signature for our documents. During your registration process, DocuSign will send a secured link to your Principle Email Address. This link will guide you through the process needed to create a computer-generated signature. Upon completion, DocuSign will send you an email notification along with your signed document.

How do I print a copy of the Port Liberty Toll Reimbursement Program Agreement?

Click this link to open and print the Toll Reimbursement Program Agreement.

Why do I need to revalidate my E-ZPass® Account periodically?

Your “Authorization to Release Tag Information to Port Liberty New York” expires every three years. Our system will ask you to resubmit your most recent E-ZPass® statement again in order to validate your account and tag number(s). This will help keep your E-ZPass® Account current in our system.

Does anyone have access to my E-ZPass® Account in the Port Liberty Toll Reimbursement System?

No, your E-Zpass® statements and bridge crossings are private and confidential. They are used only for the purpose of validating your crossings and calculating your reimbursements.

Where can I get more information or help with my enrollment?

Please email us at or call Customer Service at +1 (718) 683-3245.

Can I receive my toll reimbursements with my BESTPASS tag?

No, we don’t reimburse truckers using a BESTPASS account to pay their bridge tolls.